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You tried by Panda-Leaf You tried :iconpanda-leaf:Panda-Leaf 506 62
Italy X America Two/Too cheery nations
"PAAAASSSSSTTTTAAAA," "I'M THE HERO," Italy and America were running around the conference room shouting there favourite word or phrase while the other countries just watched ether in annoyance or looking they were going to kill someone or some that didn't mind and liked there bubbly appearance and was watching in amusement. "And-a/And this is why I don't give coffee to Italy/ America in the morning," Romano and England said in unison nodding in agreement with each other.
a loud sound like something falling was herd making all the countries look up to the direction of the noise. They all sour an American and an Italian on the ground, Italy on all fours while America was underneath (in an awkward position). Italy shook his head and sat up still on his knees with his head on his hands as America sat up one arm leaning for support and the other on his head still no noticing the awkward position. "Ooooow," they both wined in unison "Sorry Italy dude I didn't
:iconsooozabell:SooozaBell 40 15
Father's Son
My hair is long, it is blond
The skin hiding my bones, flesh and self is porcelain
A body of a woman, possesses the mind of man
I am my father’s son
Forget your preconceived notions
Stare at ever changing eyes framed by delicate black swords
I can see the lust as your eyes fixate on blood lips
Just remember to never forget that, I am my father’s son
Gaze past the conventional, struggle to view what lies beneath
Observe the girl consumed by the love for masculine and feminine
Watch as she reads the comics, the books, the television programs
All meant for boys, little boys meant to be their father’s sons
Yet they always seem to ignore the little girls
Who too are father’s men, and mother’s women
The children who know how to shift into both
All of us, the girls living on the line between both
The shifters, the children lost to identification
All of us together hiding behind the eyes of man or woman
This is our prologue of warning to those who threaten, dare
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 12 4
Bad Apple English Lyrics
Ever on and on I continue circling
With nothing but my hate in a carousel of agony
Till slowly I forget and my heart starts vanishing
And suddenly I see that I can't break free—
Slipping through the cracks of a dark eternity
With nothing but my pain and the paralyzing agony
To tell me who I am, who I was
Uncertainty enveloping my mind
Till I can't break free
Maybe it's a dream; maybe nothing else is real
But it wouldn't mean a thing if I told you how I feel
So I'm tired of all the pain, all the misery inside
And I wish that I could live feeling nothing but the night
You can tell me what to say; you can tell me where to go
But I doubt that I would care, and my heart would never know
If I make another move there'll be no more turning back
Because everything will change and it all will fade to black
Will tomorrow ever come? Will I make it through the night?
Will there ever be a place for the broken in the light?
Am I hurting? Am I sad? Should I stay, or should I go?
I've forg
:iconkursedm111:kursedm111 1,403 390
Saving Germany -Pg3- by Arkham-Insanity Saving Germany -Pg3- :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 2,119 582 Saving Germany -Pg2- by Arkham-Insanity Saving Germany -Pg2- :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 2,175 487 Saving Germany -Pg1- by Arkham-Insanity Saving Germany -Pg1- :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 1,879 398
Mature content
Teacher!AmericaXStudent!Reader- Extra Credit- 2 :iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 568 289
Teacher!AmericaXStudent!Reader- Extra Credit
     I yawned, laying my head down on the desk in my American History class. The teacher, Mr.Jones, was currently going on about the Revolutionary War, which seemed to always be hard for him when Mr.Kirkland was near by.
"Dude, _________, like, head up!" Mr.Jones laughed, tapping the back of my head. My head shot up, well, at least he was nice about it.
"S-sorry, Mr.Jones!"
"_________, would you like, see me after class? I needa talk to ya!"
"Y-yes sir." I nodded, folding my hands in my lap. He was a young teacher, and a lot of female students, and some male student as well, thought he was hot. Don't get me wrong, he was freakin' adorable, but...he was a teacher!
"So, _________, do you know why I asked you to stay?"
"Um...not really.."
"Well, like, your grades are totally sucking dude!" He threw his arms up, showing me a folder of my last several tests. "You went from being like, my best student, to my very worst! Why? What happened?"
"N-nothing si
:iconkittylavhsgreece:KittyLavhsGreece 849 158
Teacher!America x Student!Reader - Dresscode (ch2)
You'd been distracted all day from first period on. Mr. Braginski had almost written you up for being so spacey.
And now it was lunch and your heart was hammering and you could hear it in your ears and your stomach fluttered, the sensation almost overwhelming enough to trip you on your way to Mr. Jones's room. You clutched a hand to your stomach upon entering the hallway, hesitating at the closet door. When he'd said to meet him "here" did he mean the closet or the classroom?
You got your answer when Mr. Jones stepped out to close the classroom door. He saw you and smiled, nodding his head toward the room in invitation. You smiled back shyly, entering with a shaky breath. "H-hi."
"You're late," he teased, walking over to his desk and writing something in Sharpie on a piece of binder paper. "This is becoming habit. Do you like keeping me waiting?"
Heart, shut up, you can't hear the teacher. "I'm sorry…I was finishing a chem test in Braginski's class."
"Ooh. Gotcha." He winked up at
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 610 440
Teacher!America x Student!Reader - Dresscode
Quick, get dressed! Gosh dang—where were all your clothes?
You tried to recall the last time you ran a wash. More than a week ago. That explained it.
Now you scraped the back of your dresser drawers for something that didn't break the dress code. "Arugh!" The minutes on that clock were changing far too fast. Well you had to wear something. You tugged on a really tight pair of jeans, which felt a little like a push-up bra for your butt at the moment. Shoving your feet into a pair of tennis shoes, you donned a very lacy, tight camisole with thin straps. Over that, you wore a cute graphic tee you hardly ever got to wear, because it was an off-the-shoulder scoop neck, a detail you hadn't noticed when you bought it on clearance.
You brushed your hair quickly, muttering a curse as you checked the clock again, and grabbed your school supplies, leaving the house without breakfast.
Your heart sped and you blushed as you halted your brisk-walk in front of the blue door to your fir
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 919 384
Honeybee by BunnyBennett Honeybee :iconbunnybennett:BunnyBennett 666 45 I'll Rust With You by BunnyBennett I'll Rust With You :iconbunnybennett:BunnyBennett 304 22 How Rabbit Works by BunnyBennett How Rabbit Works :iconbunnybennett:BunnyBennett 885 60 Steam Powered Giraffe Buttons Series V by BunnyBennett Steam Powered Giraffe Buttons Series V :iconbunnybennett:BunnyBennett 305 41 Steam Powered Giraffe Buttons Series IV by BunnyBennett Steam Powered Giraffe Buttons Series IV :iconbunnybennett:BunnyBennett 525 107

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I'm gay. I'm so fucking gay.
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Mattie Mapleleaf Williams
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello all. I'm Mattie, I go by Yami in my cosplay stuff. I'm a cosplayer in a new cosplay group that's being made called Hell's Rose Cosplay. I cosplay Canada, L, Alois, 2p!England, Spain, fem!Canada, and many more characters. I'm gay, and okay with openly admitting it.


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cosplay stuffs. idk where I'm going with this ._. I'll try to draw Bassy If I get 200 points.

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When I read that name I get a messed up hybrid of both of them in my head ._.
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